First Month: $199

Includes 90-Minute assessment and two, 1:1 sessions with a restorative specialist, or trainer.  You'll receive recommendations on specific mobility and strength work needed to optimize your frame.  We'll also recommend which level of classes will most benefit you.   This is the right place to start if you're new to working out, or an elite level athlete looking to improve your well-honed skills.

Unlimited approved classes are also included for your first month.  

After the first month, you can choose which monthly plan you'd like to continue on.  

*In certain situations we'll recommend more than 2, 1:1 session to get started.  Your safety is always our number one goal.  



Monthly Costs:

Individual Unlimited: $169

Individual Limited 3X/ Week: $149

Individual Limited 2X/ Week: $129

Couples Unlimited: $209

Couples Limited 3X/Week: $189




1:1 - 1 Hours Sessions

John: $60

Individual Strength Programs,  Sports Specific Strength, Agility, and Conditioning Programs,  Baseball Training, Mental Sports Approach

Lisa: $60

Mobility, Nutrition, Introduction Level Fitness and CrossFit

Libby: $60 

Mobility, Restorative Work, All Things Feet Related, Alignment Issues, Issues with any type of pain

Jon Sneed: $60

Personalized Olympic Lifting Training for all levels





Therapeutic Massage 

Lisa:$70/Hr, $35/ 30-min (Starting June 2019)