“This helped me pre-hab for surgery and made my recovery so much smoother”



“My balance and posture have improved”



My knee doesn't bother me anymore after learning how to address movement patterns in Libby's classes.

— Caryn


This gym’s gift is that they can meet you wherever you are in your fitness/health journey and build you up in a fun and safe way."

I am a  62 year old woman. I travel quite a bit and visit gyms in various cities in the US. This gym is the best gym I have been to regarding staff intelligence, equipment, location, cleanliness, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, original workouts and variety of class options. I walk out of there 3x a week feeling straighter, stronger and serene. It is obvious to me that there are frequent behind the scenes management meetings where both men and women share in a egoless fashion on how to keep the participants safe and challenged. And they run their classes so each participant is challenged regardless of age, injury or fitness levels. 

My first visit there was a meeting with knowledgeable Lisa. She reviewed my injury history and flexibility and suggested two classes from their MWF menu. One is called Corrective. It is a class that targets strengthening the muscles between my hips and ribs while continually breathing through the effort. Kevin and/or Libby guide us through these exquisitely specific postures to target this area. While doing these simple movements I notice myself and the whole class breaking a sweat, young and old. Other exercises target opening of shoulders which has benefited my husband’s right shoulder. He no longer is contemplating shoulder surgery. And some Corrective movements consider foot flexibility and grounding, the foundation of stance. 

I also attend Small Group CrossFit class. Again with one or two instructors, usually John and/or Lisa gently reminding us to engage our core and use good form through the varied, challenging ever changing routine. 

At Upper Left CrossFit there are two treatment rooms, one addressing foot health and one for receiving massage. Both affordable, knowledgeable  resources I’ve benefited from. 

This gym’s gift is that they can meet you wherever you are in your fitness/health journey and build you up in a fun and safe way. Sequim is lucky to have this amazing resource.

— Vivian

“By going backwards and building a stronger foundation, I became a much stronger and more balanced CrossFit athlete”

— M.L.

I am literally re-learning how to walk, stand, breathe, rest, stretch, and flex. This process is incredible and I’m so glad we picked you! Even when I’m stretching before and after, I’m watching and learning how to do these things that I have “known” how to do for so many years. I’m feeling better everyday and I’m encouraged by all of you. Thank you.

- J.J.


Great place to work out and the community is awesome!
Lisa and John and ALL the coaching staff are so supportive and encouraging. 
Workouts are tough and fun, but can be scaled so you feel confident in what you are doing. 
All classes have something to offer to everyone.
We look forward to coming to our workouts :-)

- R&C


“My posture has improved and I'm more aware my movement patterns”


— L.I.

"I no longer have shoulder pain now that I understand how to use them correctly when I move and lift”

— S.L.


Our community is the very best part of what we do.